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LPG Engineering & services

LPG CONSULT can bring help in  your project construction. Our experience in the erection of bulk break depot, filling plant construction, customer installation and all other projects where experiences and expertises are required, is a success factor.
Services such as technical specifications, request for proposal, tender management for tanks cylinders, valves, regulators, accessories can be managed for you. We can adopt your request to the different international ISO and EN standard (ISO22991,EN1442,...)
The safety in Liquid Petroleum Gas is so important that you may need external advises to be conform with international rules such as NFPA58, LPGA, EN ADR,...
LPG Bulk Storage and LPG filling plan
LPG CONSULT’s technical consultants are ready to assist you with your next terminal or bulk plant project. We can:
- Define your requirements
- Evaluate your proposed site
- CAD design your facility to meet local and international standards.
- Specify all equipment and materials
- Provide stamped engineering drawings
 We work with the best international suppliers for pressure vessels, filling plant equipment, pumps, compressors, loading arms, vaporizers, valves manufacturers.
Safety audits
Safety in LPG world is absolutly  essential and has a big impact on the  assets, We can provide you our expertise and apply safety in a pragmatic manner all in following, as minimum, the country regulation.
Technical expertise
We are able to provide you expertise on all LPG Cylinders, valves regulators, palettes, bulk tanks,...
We can create for you technical specifications, operational procedures, manage international tenders, ... 
Customer installation

We are able to design and provide special customer installations where consumption are very high needing vaporizing system (feed-out, feed back) or where liquid use requested and some other specific installation requesting high quality products, safety environement, ...
SAS LPG CONSULT, 28 rue basse, 72500 Vouvray/Loir, FRANCE
LPG Consulting, Butane - Propane Engineering Training & Services